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Duties Of Admin Staff

What duty does your position have on the room?

Owners: The owners have the highest ranking of they room. They are the ultimate creators of the room, and have FULL CONTROL of everything that happens in the room. For the benefit of the room, the owners have the final say as to what goes on in the room. The owners may admin if they feel that it is necessary, but it is not demanded of them to do so.

Co Owners: The Co Owner performs the same duties as the owner, and when the owner is not avalible, the co owner has FULL CONTROL and is to be treated the way that the owner would be treated.

Head Admin: With the next highest position after the room owners and co owners, the head admin has the ultimate power to hire, fire, and bounce as they feel is necessary.The head admin has the desire to hire and fire all admins, with the permission of the owners and co owners. The head admin also has the highest ranking position of all the admins.  Therefore, they are able to emphasize the priorities of the room. Also, the head admin is in charge of all the admins if they have any problems.

Asst. Head Admin: The asst. head admin has all of the same duties as the head admin and takes the head admins spot when he/she is not avalible.

 Room Manager: The Room Manager has the power to secure the room with ultimate priorities.  The room manager has the power to run the room, and bounce as they see fit. Also, they can greet, manage, and try to make the room successful by making sure the admins are on task.

Head of Security: With a very high and important positon of the room, the head of security has the ultimate power to be in charge of the room's safety. The Head of Security's priorities are to bounce when a person is snagging, mic jumping, muting, or any other violations to the room. The Head of Security is to make sure that the room is the safest that it can be.

Contest/Concert Organizers: They are in charge of utilizing contest and concerts as they see fit. It is in their hands to be sure to perform the necessary processes to make contests and concerts beneficial by making sure the proper admins and guests are in the room during the time of the concerts and contests.

Admins: The admins have a major part in the room to be sure that they greet, talk on the mic, and run the room at its ultimate. They have no set time to admin in the room, as long as they are in the room when they are expected.

***ADMIN RULE*** This rule applies to admins, management staff, and owners.

If you adhere to a management staff member coming into the room, you are to introduce that person to the mic and have them come up to the mic and introduce themselves