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Rules And Regulations

The rules associated with this room are to be taken SERIOUSLY. Those who do not follow these rules will be dealt with accordingly.

1.) All owners, management staff, admins, & guests are to be treated with the RESPECT that they deserve.

2.) Do not mute the mic as it is extremely rude to the room as well as the person who is using the mic.


Muting of the room is a MAJOR function of how a room is ran. Guests that enter the room may not realize that they have the room muted. Our group of fine management have agreed that we provide a new muting system.

If an admin sees that a person is muting the mic, please follow these rules for a successful bouncing. 1.) You are to give the person muting 4 WARNINGS EACH subsided by 2 MINUTES BETWEEN EACH ONE. 2.) If the guest does not see the warning or is ignoring it, after the 4th WARNING if the guest does not answer or unmute, please PM or WHISPER to them to ask them to unmute. If no response is given at this point, please bounce the guest who is muting.

3.) No neon or bright colors are permitted in the room @ any time.

4.) Most music is welcome; however RAP & HEAVY METAL are not permitted.

5.) Do not jump the mic; please wait patiently until it is your turn.

6.) Drama of any kind will not be tolerated. (If you have a problem with a person/people in the room, please pm someone that you feel comfortable talking with and they will be more than glad to help you.